To Do @ Garden

Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

  • When you see basil begins to blossom, please remove flowers.
  • 如果您发现罗勒开花了,请摘除花苞。
  • When you see tomato suckers between stems and branches, please remove them.
  • 如果您看见番茄在主枝和分枝中间有吸盘,请摘掉。
  • When you see bitter melon leafs with spots, please remove.
  • 如果您看见苦瓜叶有白斑,请摘除。
Tomato Take Care

Tomato Take Care

  • Please cut off thoes broken or empty tomato branches and stems.
  • 请翦掉断裂的番茄枯枝,没有番茄的空茎。


  • These are the most common weeds which could be found in the smart pots. When you see them, please remove.
  • 如图所示,以上四种是在Smart Pots里常见的杂草,如果看到,请您摘除它们。
  • We have to give water everyday except for rainy days. The water comes from the second floor terrace. So the procedure is the following. Pick up the key to terrace from the reception. Then go to the terrace and open the valve on the north-east corner of the terrace. Go downstairs and water the pots. The hose is stashed away behind a wooden planter on the north-east corner of the garden. Please use a soft shower so that you do not wash out the seeds or damage the plants. When you are watering during the day, please do not splash water on the leaf. Give water to the roots. Please be careful not to damage the plants when you are moving the water hose. Give water that is equivalent to 2 to 3 cm of rain all over. Once watering is done, please put away the water hose behind the wooden planter so that it does not interfere with wheelchair traffic. Go upstairs and shut off water. Give back the key to the receptionist.
  • 除了下雨天,我们每天都需要浇水。水源来自于二楼天台。过程如下:首先,请在服务台向接待员索取天台钥匙,接着去天台东北角,打开阀门。下楼浇水,软管藏匿于花园东北角木质花架后。请使用柔和的喷洒功能,避免冲掉种子和损坏植株。如果是在白天浇水的话,请不要把水喷洒在植物的叶面上,尽可能浇水在植物根部。移动水管时,请尽可能小心,避免损伤植物。浇水深度大约为2-3厘米。浇水完毕后,请把水管放回原位,避免阻碍轮椅通行。回到楼上,关闭水源,回到服务台,交还钥匙。


  • When you water plants, first, you should make sure the lower tap is open, and the upper tap is closed (as picture above shown). Then, turn on the valve. Once you finish watering, please remember to turn off the valve and turn the lower tap 9 o’clock.
  • 当您给植物浇水时,请注意确保如图所示,水龙头开启模式,然后打开阀门。当您结束离开前,请记得关闭阀门,然后把左侧水龙头逆时针移动90度,关闭龙头。:)

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