As a Member

As a Member
Interested to be a member of an Green Chinatown Montreal Project? Green Chinatown Montreal (GCM) is an Asian and Western edible organic garden originally in Chinatown at the Montreal Chinese Hospital facilitating knowledge transfer and information sharing with Chinatown residents towards local independent Green Chinatown Montreal gardens. Now, we are at the Presbyterian College courtyard, east of McGill University.

Green Chinatown Montreal responsibilities and tasks :
1. GCM membership is a suggested voluntary contribution of $10 a year.
2. GCM members may garden weekly of 1-2 hrs during the gardening season.
3) the one to two hour weekly gardening tasks range from: weeding, watering, orientation, and harvesting
4) Green Chinatown Montreal will adapt to your summer holiday schedule.

Green Chinatown Montreal benefits:
1) enjoyment of weekly harvesting over 5 months.
2)getting your hands dirty, building strength and your immunity system with fresh air and rich earth
3) getting a free physical work out
4)learning how to seed, plant, grow, harvest and eat healthy food
5) engaging in an alternate social economy
6) exploring diverse local gardens, farming networks, communities

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