This project is part of the Green Chinatown Project that was prepared by Dr. Yon Hsu and Dr. Satoshi Ikeda in summer 2011.

本项目是由Dr. Yon Hsu 和 Dr. Satoshi Ikeda于2011年夏天发起的。同时,本项目也是“绿化唐人街”项目的一部分。

We envisioned the creation of collective organic gardens in Chinatown in Montreal, use the produce to cook nutritional alternatives to industrial food and restaurant food, and deliver meals to the senior Chinese residents in Chinatown who has difficulty in terms of cooking and accessing organic food.


We started a collective garden on the second floor terrace of the Montreal Chinese Hospital (at Viger and Hotel de Ville) in spring 2012. We adopted smart pots and successfully produced Chinese and Western vegetables. Most of the harvest was shared with the participants and the rest was sold to the markets in the hospital cafeteria and at Concordia University.

本项目成立于2012年春天,位于蒙特利尔中华医院2楼的平台。我们使用Smart Pots, 成功种植了亚洲和本土的各类蔬菜(2013年种植目录请参阅 Cultivated Varieties)。大部分的收获是和参与本项目的志愿者们一起分享的,其余部分出售给了中华医院和康考迪亚大学的咖啡厅。

We are currently at the Presbyterian College courtyard and are excited for a new growing season in the upcoming year!


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